Monday, July 21, 2014

Home Office Built-In Bookshelves

We installed all of the crown molding in the study this weekend, and the built-in bookshelves are about 97% complete!  For the crown molding, we used an upside down piece of baseboard combined with a pretty thick piece of crown molding to give it a little bit chunkier look.  I don't have any great photos, but I couldn't wait to share it with you so here’s what we have so far:

All we have left to do is pick out and put up the vertical trim pieces and fill up the shelves of course.  I also bought a light fixture, which was on sale for $60 at Lamps Plus!  I was looking for a couple of natural material pieces to balance out all of the painted finishes in this room and I love how the bamboo fixture looks.  And since the only switched outlet in the room was located inside the built-in desk, on the opposite wall of where I wanted my switched light fixture (of course), we had to do some electrical work to make the other outlet switched.  My awesome dad was able to do this by switching out some wires in the basement.  I’m still not exactly sure how he did it, but the outlet I wanted switched is now switched, so I am a happy camper.

We have a couple of projects left in this room and then we will be finished with one more room.  (If you're counting, that's four rooms out of thirteen that will be done... and we've been in the house for almost two years.  Slow and steady wins the race??  I'll go with that :)).  Anywho, here’s the updated to-do list for the study:

  • Install hardwood floors
  • Build built-in desk and bookshelves
  • Install crown molding
  • Buy area rug
  • Buy/hang light fixture
  • Install outlet in built-in - 0% complete
  • Paint free-standing desk
  • Paint file cabinet - 1% complete
  • Reupholster wingback chair - 0% complete
  • Decorate - 50% complete

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